I am an MTD Kingston International artist based in India, performing locally and internationally.

Brian was born in Hyderabad - India, his talent and interest in music were noticeable as an early interest from his childhood. He is now grown to become one of the most versatile bass players in India.

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Yeshu Zinda Hai


May 31 - June 1
Sounds of the Nation
Vizag, Andhra Pradesh
June 13 - June 15
Sounds of the Nation
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
July 21 - July 22
Yeshua Band
Chicago, IL, USA
July 23
Yeshua Band
St, Louis, MO, USA
June 29
Yeshua Band
Detroit, MI, USA
June 30 - July 1
Yeshua Band
Toronto, ON, Canada
July 6
Yeshua Band
Vancouver, BC, Canada
July 12
Yeshua Band
Portland, OR, USA
July 14
Yeshua Band
Seattle, WA, USA
July 20
Yeshua Band
San Francisco,CA , USA
July 28
Yeshua Band
Los Angeles, CA, USA
August 3
Yeshua Band
Dallas, TX, USA
August 4
Yeshua Band
Houston, TX, USA
November 27 - December 4
Yeshua Band
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